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... but never try to cheat search engines!

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SEO hosting is meant for increasing the frequency of search engine result page (SERP) and link value to a profitable state and sending a huge number of traffic to a website. It enables website owners to spread their domain names across multiple C-Class IPs ensuring that they look separated and unique.

Reasons to Purchase SEO Hosting

SEO hosting lets you build your own content network which you can utilize to link to your main site. With this, you will have diverse A-Class Ips, B-Class Ips and C-Class Ips in relation to other features like Geolocation, random http, enterprise support, http headers and many more. SEO hosting is the most efficient tool to help you boost your money page. Through SEO hosting, managing such IPs under a single control panel becomes possible. Logging manually to every IP would be a terrible nightmare which would take a significant amount of time.


Main Features of SEO Hosting:

  • Hundreds of IP’s and growing daily
  • Best SEO Hosting underground provider
  • With over a hundred plus IP-classes
  • Data centers scattered across Europe
  • Diverse GEO locations
  • Simple-to-use IP management with only 2 clicks of the mouse button
  • An autonomous hosting system that masks your network from leaving any digital trace.  
  • A set of random HTTP headers used for each domain, It’s an offer you can’t find anywhere else
  • an option to use Either Directadmin or Cpanel, but we strongly recommend the Directadmin
  • Management of Wordpress blogs made easy
  • A single control station consisting of all features
  • One-step domain change to add, edit, or delete / Single-step domain change for editing, adding or deleting.

Who Can Benefit from SEO Hosting?

Individuals who generally utilize this SEO hosting are webmasters who own a huge network of sites aiming to cross links to boost their rankings. But users can also include shop owners, e-commerce affiliates, SEO specialists and SEO companies who wants to build their own network with WP blogs, CMS websites and other html sites. SEO hosting is for everyone who wants success in search engine optimization and the result of it - rankings!


Buy SEO Hosting from

Multiple C Class IP hosting is a service provided by The company has been serving the online marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM...) industry for more than ten years now. Regardless of the country you are based in, we have the right solutions to help you achieve online success. We have highly efficient services & technologies that will help you take your business to the next level! Register with us now and be satisfied with a newly-built website which will provide you profit in no time! We gurantee with our SEO hosting fair and affordable prices for each individual, company and affiliate.

What is SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting is where several websites that are under different IP’s are used for directing traffic towards the money page. It also means that each of these networks sites seem to belong to different owners but in truth only belongs to one. These addresses needs to look like they belong to different people so that a search engine will not penalize each website for bottlenecking traffic towards a money page.

SEO hosting is an effective method in gaining traffic and SERP ranking for your website. By Interlinking your network sites and money page, each of these sites are naturally generating traffic for one another. With every click towards the money page, enough traffic is directed to the main site.

At, clients are offered custom SEO hosting plans and packages. You have the option to choose which tools and services you require to effectively optimize your websites. If you only need two to three SEO hosting tools and services, we can do that for you and provide you with a quote on your customized SEO plan package. So those clients who are on a tight budget will still be able to opt for some of the SEO hosting tools and services we offer at very affordable prices.

Our primary focus is to provide you with quality tools and services as well as excellent client support to cater to your every need. We believe that our clients should only receive the best SEO hosting tools and services that we have at a very budget friendly price.




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