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What does SEO mean?

SEO is an abbreviation. It is an English term - Search Engine Optimization meaning optimization for search engines. This is a very complex process which contains many techniques that help rank a website as favorably as possible in search engine results.

Understanding the Real SEO Job: Don’t Get Confused!

Websites are displayed by Google based on their authority and relevance. Relevance is measured through an analysis of a site’s content while authority is measured through the quality and the number of other pages that link to the pages being showed. It is important for a site owner to understand how he could make search engines show his site in search results.

The formula to ensure search engine visibility is great content plus quality links. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO. This technique will help your site get found by search engines that will rank it higher than others in response to a certain search query, which in turn results in a greater traffic volume. With SEO, your business’ playing field will be leveraged despite its age in the business world. When done in the right way, search engine optimization will put your site on the page’s left side where it obtains credibility with the right audience that you want to reach.

Google’s Role in Ranking Pages

When Google believes that a page is authoritative, it will rank it higher than others. Authority pages are done by webmasters. This includes content writing and link building. SEO means writing content that makes use of keywords and building links from other pages to demonstrate the importance of your page compared with others. When the two techniques are achieved, you just need to continue doing it until you get the desired search engine ranking for your website.

Getting visibility in search engines can be done easier if your site will ping search engine as you update its content. You can get new Tweets to your site and monitor Googlebot visits. In order to stay in search engines, it is important to take into account to abide by their inclusion rules and guidelines. With experience and plenty of observation, it is always possible for you to learn the rules that you can bend and the tactics that you must avoid.

Original Copy Can Make a Difference in Your Site’s Rank

If you are really serious about getting found by Google and other search engines, always do your job with an original copy. Good content that Google has not found before will be rewarded. It indexes it quickly for a start. It is then important to have pages with content that is written particularly for that page. This will make sure that you will not jump through hoops just to get a higher ranking.

Original quality content posted on a site will result in the generation of inbound quality links. Content found on other websites may not get links and Google may not rank it high as the search engine favors diversity in search results. With a decent original content, you will be able to let authority websites to become aware of it and they are likely to link to you. Google spiders a certain link to your site’s home page, finds your website as well as crawls and indexes the home page and be back to spider the remaining pages of your site if you have pages that are linked together.

After some time, Google will be able to know about the pages of your site and keep the ones that it considers useful- those that have original content and with plenty of links to them.

Getting the Right Links

Links are definitely important but you should be considerate in terms of link quality and quantity. Getting ten to fifteen links from relevant resources to your own page will essentially impact the ranking of your site compared with getting a thousand of low value links offered by many SEO companies. Indeed, SEO companies that offer these useful links in volumes are spammers. It is necessary to look for links from great sites. Keep in mind that if you have something that is worth linking to, you can be sure that you will get quality links without getting spammed. In order to come up with a great website, offer people with what they need and are searching for. Share your sites with other quality sites and you will be guaranteed with increased site traffic.

Professionals from SeoPro24 know all these SEO procedures and can help your business to succeed.

Why does my website need optimization?

The main reason we recommend SEO for your website is to help it rank higher in search engines directories. The final purpose of optimization is to increase the profit of your company by using various methods to interest more visitors in your products or services. If an optimized website will reach the first page of search engine results, the number of visitors will increase significantly. In this way, the chances of conversion will also increase.

How does search engine optimization work?

The main search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex or Bing use crawlers to decide website rankings for specific keywords. SEO is used to ensure a higher position for the websites in search engine directories.

What are your main SEO approaches?

We use two kind of SEO procedures. SEO can either mean on-site optimization or off-site optimization. On-site optimization focuses on deciding metadata so that it can improve the relevancy of specific keywords. On the other hand, off-site optimization focuses on external page linking. Search engines takes into consideration the amount and quality of links directing to your site to establish authority, strength and relevance.

What is your work method?

We have developed a process that has several stages and is targeted for top results within search engines. The next steps taken in the SEO process are:

Keywords search

The first thing to do is to create a list with a significant number of words. These words or phrases are the most relevant ones that potential customers are likely to search for. Keywords are then prioritized based on the number of times someone has searched that specific word.

Analysing the competition

When starting a business it is advisable to research who your main competitors are and get to know them. You have to focus on how they perform search engine optimization, how popular their sites are, how did they get to be so popular and what keywords they used to achieve popularity. Knowing all these aspects enables you to get ahead of them.

Developing the work strategy

After having thoroughly analyzed the competition a strategy is issued in order to increase site visibility with search engines.

Optimization of site content

Based on the chosen keywords we will make the required adjustments to your website, including the chosen words into the right places. This will help the site rank higher with search engines. Furthermore, we might advise you to add more content or to introduce relevant words in order to increase traffic.

Building site popularity (Link Building)

The links on other sites are a very important step in getting the site to rank higher with search engines. Obtainment of links can be done in several different ways. Mainly, registering the site in web directories of the same category. Also, registering press articles in specialized sites is an effective way of promotion. This is an ongoing process.

Monitoring and adjusting

Site traffic is constantly monitored, analyzing where it comes from and what were the specific keywords people have looked for when they came across your site.

What are keywords and how are they chosen?

Keywords are specific words used by search engines to track and rank your site among the first. Choosing the suitable keywords is one of the most important steps when creating a relevant SEO campaign. When we choose the keywords you have to primarily think of the potential customers and what they might look for with the help of search engines.

How many keywords should I promote with my campaign?

Usually, it is recommended that you use between 4 and 10 keywords in one SEO campaign. But it depends from website to website. The most important thing is that the keywords to be very well chosen. They must be very relevant to the content and to the profile of the website.

When should I expect to see results?

The first results can usually be seen within a few weeks when using immediate social bookmarking links. When it comes to using article marketing or directory submissions, results are generated withing the first 3 months, because search engines require a certain time to index those links.

Specialists from SeoPro24 will use all their knowledge and skills to make the results appear in the shortest time possible.

What kind of results can you guarantee?

No specific results can be fully guaranteed. However, SEO will help increase your site traffic and also will determine search engines to rank it among the first. We can asure you that we have enough experience to rank your web project with the target keywords on any search engine.

Do you offer detailed reports?

Yes, of course. We will send you a complete detailed report of all set backlinks. With this report you can check all you backlinks, you can open them in the browser and even see them live on the website. We will guarantee you within 90 days set after backlinks restoration off the backlinks.

Should I stop optimizing my website?

Optimization is an act of consistency, if it is not done constantly and continuously your website ranking will certainly drop. It is advisable that you frequently change the keywords so that website ranking, traffic and ROI be maintained.

Success is choice, opportunity and perseverance.

Success is not a phenomenon that happens unexpectedly. In order to succeed you have to work very hard and have a set of indispensable skills: assertiveness, willingness to take risks, benevolence, self-confidence, follow-through and a hint of luck. SeoPro24 can support you throughout the whole process of developing a successful business. All what is required from your side is to have confidence and give it a try.